Thursday 28 October 2021

Where's the orange juice - reflections from Kay Naylor

Where's the Orange Juice?

After the Chair’s & committee’s lovely words at the AGM a few musings on the “fun and games” of doing refreshments.

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay 

The refreshments for any event are only as good as the unseen backup team, and during my tenure of CLG Committee member with oversight of refreshments I have been exceeding fortunately to have marvellous team. From the CLG committee who have rolled up their sleeves and mucked in with whatever needed doing on the day, the whole gang at the Squire who have covered whiled I disappear on an errand, loading my car when it is an off-site event, helping set up in house, and have been wonderful testers of the nibbles, to say nothing of spotters of bargains. The Squire team does include Shaun & John Corr who with a small bribe was happy to deal with time over-runs. Added to them have been various friends who have nothing whatsoever to do with CLG but have added their thoughts on various drinks and food items, normally on the lines of don’t buy X product its disgusting. Especially one friends eldest son, he doesn’t hold back anything tastes revolting!!!

There have been challenges along the way, working out what wine is vegan/vegetarian, and food items getting tweaked so were no longer vegetarian/vegan or gluten free or the other way around. Nuts were also a stumbling block until we were gently nudged that it might be a problem, if it doesn’t affect you, the brain tends to disregard it. If you ever wondered where the orange juice was, I can’t drink it so don’t buy and never thought to get it for the refreshments until it was mentioned. 

Image by JINHONG KIM from Pixabay 

Will offer my good wishes for the next person who takes on refreshments they will be having a harder task now, with the prices edging up gently and, in some case, not so gently upwards, to say nothing of a bad year for potatoes which is going to hit crisp prices, think the cheese straws will be OK, at least until after Christmas, get your supplies in now. M&S still have them on offer price of a double pack for £2.

Post contributed by Kay Naylor - former (and much missed) member of the CLG Committee, providing wonder refreshments to our members!