Thursday 26 May 2022

February event - Ellen Krajewski - CILIP Carnegie medal and judges experience

CILIP Carnegie medal and judges experiences

Many thanks to Ellen Krajewski who presented so enthusiastically on the CILIP Carnegie Medal and Judge’s Experience. She has been a judge three times for the prestigious Carnegie Medal and Kate Greenaway Medal and had a year as Chair of Judges. Ellen has always had a passion for books and retired in 2019 after being a School Librarian for many years. All 14 judges on the panel are librarians and members of CILIP. In addition they are all required to join YLG. Each area of the UK is represented by a judge and there is a CKG Working Party which is the strategic power behind the Medals.

Ellen covered the awards’ cycle and went into detail about which published books are eligible for entry. Publishers have no say in the nominations which are put forward by CILIP members. The Diversity Review took place and resulted in positive changes showing how the awards can champion diversity. 

For the past three years there has been a Shadowers’ Choice Award, voted for by the large number of Shadowing Groups who all read the shortlisted books. Some of the groups are based abroad and they tend to be from public libraries and schools. Ellen described the various types of meetings the groups hold and members of the CLG were keen to start their own shadowing group as soon as the shortlist is confirmed.

The new name of the Yoto Carnegie Greenaway Awards reflects the new partnership with the innovative digital company which secures the future of the award. Winners will be announced on 16 June and hopefully this year the presentations will take place in person as well as being live streamed. Ellen rounded off her comprehensive talk by picking out some of her favourite winners and shortlisted books, including books in verse.


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