Sunday 26 February 2023

December 2022 / January 2023 - Christmas Board Games Night and Twelfth Night Party at CUP

December - Christmas Board Games Night


Four things are important at this time of year, 1. food, 2. drink, 3. good company, and 4. board games!

Yes, you read that right, board games; Decembers meeting had all of these.

A buffet was provided and there was a choice of wine and soft drinks.

A few of the committee members are keen board game players and two of them have quite a collection. Diane and Kevin kindly brought a selection of board games for us to try ranging from classic games like cards and Cluedo, games that not many had heard of.

Banagrams, which is a cross between scrabble and a cross word made combined words with speed. This proved challenging after a day at work, but was very much enjoyed.

Another popular games was The Table Is Lava. This consisted of cards and meeples (wooden tokens that have the general human shape). The idea is have as many meeples standing, whilst knocking your appointments meeples off their cards and into the "Lava".

There was a lot of laughter and a great night was had by all.

Post contributed by Di Symonds

January - Twelfth Night at CUP 

The group were really pleased to be back at CUP this year for Twelfth Night. This was the first time post-Covid that we'd been able to have this event, and be back in person for it. 

CUP Bookshop kindly provided us with drinks and nibbles (YUM) plus a generous discount. 

Members were able to catch up over a mince pie or two and buy some gifts/presents for themselves. 

We're looking forward to going back next year!

Post contributed by Katherine Burchell - Social Media Editor