Sunday 26 February 2023

March 2022 - Decolonisation in Librarianship: shared experiences

Decolonising in Librarianship: shared experiences. Online 14th March 2022.

The Cambridge Library Group met online for a session of four short talks on how various libraries are tackling the issues of decolonisation.


Helen Snelling, Music Collections Supervisor, Pendlebury Library of Music, talked about decolonising the Music Tripos and expanding the library's acquisition policy, the involvement of the Faculty of Music’s Director of Performance.  This ultimately led to a number of performances of works featuring black female composers at the West Road Concert Hall, Faculty of Music.

Frankie Marsh, Assistant Librarian, Department of Plant Sciences and Cory & Herbarium Libraries, discussing her MA dissertation on academics' perceptions of critical information literacy and its role in libraries' decolonisation efforts


Sarah Hammond, Library Assistant, Squire Law Library, talking about the Squire's in-house classification scheme and decolonisation, in particular addressing outdated terminology.


Genny Grim, Librarian, Pembroke College, on the Decolonizing History project at Pembroke College Library – a focused project around the classification of history in the college library.


The evening concluded with a stimulating discussion followed by a Q&A session.

Post contributed by Helen Snelling, Pendlebury Library.